We offer our quality services to third parties.

Commercial Management




Arista Shipping offers both commercial and technical third party management. The services we offer are:



On the commercial side, Arista Shipping undertakes the following services:


Provides chartering services in accordance with shipowners’ guidelines which include, but are not limited to, seeking and negotiating employment for the vessels and the conclusion (including the execution thereof) of charter parties or other contracts relating to the employment of the vessels; with the consent of the shipowners hedging freight volatility risks on spot and time charter routes with FFA´s;


Arranges the proper and timely payment of all hire and/or freight revenues or other  monies from  the employment of or otherwise in connection with the vessels.  Arista Shipping instructs the charterers to pay all freights, dead freights and demurrages to the designated account(s);


Provides voyage estimates and accounts and calculates off hire, freights, demurrage and /or dispatch  monies due from or due to the charterers of the vessels;


Issues voyage instructions;


Appoints agents, where needed;


Appoints stevedores, where needed;


Arranges surveys associated with the commercial operation of the vessels, as needed;


Arista Shipping ensures the operational efficiency of the vessels.




On the technical side, Arista Shipping undertakes the following services:


To take care of the husbandry details relating to the vessels operation;


To look after the recruitment, training, certification, employment and welfare of officers and crew for the fleet.  Compliance with requirements of STCW, ILO, Flag State and other bodies like the ITF;


To order bunkers and other necessary equipment for the vessels ( as needed) so that load and discharge can proceed in the quickest and most efficient manner; To monitor the quality of bunkers and guide crew for its proper handling;


To arrange in a truly cost effective manner stores for the vessels and the supply of spares and lubricants and to ensure that vessels are always stocked and ready for worldwide trading with navigational charts and publications;


To maintain the vessels under class and to repair and maintain the machinery in an efficient and seaworthy condition including dry-docking, surveys and certification;


To supply computerized account statements, operating and technical data as required;


To arrange necessary insurances for the vessels and to follow-up claims for all matters related to H&M and P&I;


To regularly inspect vessels, confirming the status of maintenance and actual condition of hull and machinery;


To plan and monitor the safety culture onboard through associated drills and following flag/IMO regulations and requirements;


To assist Master in proper handling of cargoes; To guide and assist the crew onboard in resolving various issues/problems that may come up during operation;


To follow up the new environmental and safety regulations;


To prepare budgets of supplies and repairs.




We look forward to being of service to you and your company in the future.


Arista Shipping has the know-how to manage commercially and technically dry cargo vessels, roll-on / roll-off vessels (roros), ropax ferries, container vessels, gas tankers, and cruise vessels.


Arista employs a team of international professionals that have a vast collective shipping knowledge and who bring to the team their experience from many different aspects of ship management and operations.

Arista has invested in a sophisticated ERP system and has implemented modules on Financial Solutions, Planned Maintenance, Purchasing, ISM Compliance, and Operations. This way all information regarding the operation of vessels is available online and can be shared with those shipowners who have trusted the management of their vessels to Arista Shipping.

Arista adds real value to the ship management process by offering more effective control over assets: the ships in the fleet and the seafarers who work on them. This is based on Arista’s ability to perform to a high standard on a consistent basis over time.


Arista offers full transparency with the establishment of a joint governance committee to enable decisions to be taken by shipowners and Arista. Arista provides full management with integrity as the essence of who we are and what we do.


Arista has great experience in newbuildings. Arista undertakes the evaluation and preparation of newbuilding specifications and projects, and effectively handles the communication with yard, class and makers, plus the necessary supervision and guarantee handling.


Arista is your trusted partner of choice; Arista is financially sound, with a strong balance sheet, and with modern high quality vessels.


Escalating regulatory pressure leading to higher costs at a time when shipping sectors continue to experience volatile cyclical freight and charter markets means that more owners are reviewing their strategies and re-focusing on their core business activities.

Arista adds real value to all or part of your ship management process by offering you more effective control over your assets: the ships in your fleet and the seafarers who work on them. This belief is based on our ability to perform to a high standard on a consistent basis over time.


Whether we provide full management or selected services, mutual trust and integrity remain the essence of who we are and what we do.


Financially sound and with a strong balance sheet, and with modern high quality vessels acquired in the low cycle of the market, Arista is your trusted partner of choice.