Our past guides our future

​Arista Shipping S.A. has the expertise to manage bulk carriers, roros and ropax ferries, and cruise ships.

Arista's team has concluded a large number of cargo and passenger ship newbuilding projects in the past twenty five years;

Arista is driven by values stemming from its rich heritage of maritime tradition and innovation; it proudly carries the culture and principles established with the launch of Royal Cruise Line in 1972, with Magna Marine in 1990, and later, with Superfast Ferries in 1993, Blue Star Ferries in 1999, and the listed Attica Group.


Its management enjoys a solid reputation across the maritime cluster.


With cross-sector expertise, Arista is your trusted partner of choice.

Αρίστα - modern and ancient Greek for excellent, finest, optimum, the best, the highest grade

Learn about Greek Shipping and find out how the management of Arista contributed to its recent history. Click here:

We offer our quality management services to third parties.


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